The Added Value of Routine Pest Management in Aurora, IL and Surrounding Areas

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As the old saying goes; “a penny saved is a penny earned”. This statement holds more importance in today’s economy. What many people do not realize is the added values and benevits that are gained by maintaining a preventative maintenance pest control program on the biggest investment of one’s life.

What are the benefits of a preventative maintenance program in Naperville and surrounding areas?

-“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”… especially when dealing with the insect world. By treating the source areas and breeding grounds of insects on a regular basis, excess populations are less likely to develop and infest areas of your home.

-Prevent the possibility of rodents invading your home which my result in unhealthy conditions, or damage to food and property.

-Avoid the cost to restart the program. The average cost to restart the Tri-Annual program is double what a seasonal maintenance visit is.

-Take advantage of discounted services such as Wasp Proofing or Termite monitoring.

-The Tri-Annual preventative maintenance program is guaranteed throughout the year! If there is ever a need for service between your seasonal visits let us know and we will take care of it at no charge for any covered pest.

For these reasons Chem-Wise strongly suggests that maintaining the Tri-Annual service is an investment in your home, personal safety and property.

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