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Is Your House a Termite Magnet?

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If you live in an area where termites are highly active, you need to be aware of how termites behave and what could attract termites to your house. Preventing infestations is just as important as catching infestations early when they do happen.

With just a few preventative measures and with the knowledge of how infestations start, you will be further ahead in avoiding the colossal structural damage that termites can cause.

How Does a Termite Infestation Begin?

What Attracts Earwigs to My Home?

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Children commonly fear earwigs because of the large pincher the insects have on their backsides. The pincher is often large and prominent enough that earwigs have been nicknamed “pincher bugs” by many. But no matter what the bugs are called, you probably do not want them invading your home.

You may spot earwigs in groups or find the insects in specific areas of the house. Help avoid the presence of the insects with some knowledge about earwigs. Once earwigs have entered your home, a professional pest control company will help get rid of the bugs and these extra tips will prevent them from returning.

Moving In? It’s the Perfect Time to Be Proactive About Pest Control

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It’s often easier to keep insects out of your home than to get rid of them once they’ve decided to move in. So if you’re moving into a new house, proactive pest control measures definitely deserve a spot on your to-do list. Follow these steps while moving into and settling into your new home, and you’ll have fewer issues with insects going forward.