3 Crickets That Invade Homes

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Are crickets entering your home? If so, their habits can be destructive, annoying, and scary. There are many types of crickets, but only a few types of crickets enter homes. Here are three types of crickets you may encounter in your home as well as some advice on how to deal with these indoor pests.

How to Prevent Rodent-Related Structural Damage

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As a homeowner, you know that a mouse or rat infestation on your property can be a frustrating and even hazardous problem. However, you may not know how much impact that a rodent infestation can have on your home’s physical structure and safety.

In this blog, we discuss how a rodent infestation affects the structural soundness of your home, the steps you can take to prevent rodent infestations, and how to reduce the risk of structural damage from a current infestation.

Pill Bugs, Earwigs, Centipedes, and Other Occasional Household Pests

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earwigsThere are certain pests that prefer to live indoors, such as German cockroaches and bed bugs. There are others, however, that predominantly live outside and only invade a home when the conditions are right. Pests of this type are sometimes called occasional house pests or opportunistic house pests.

Occasional house pests present problems that are just as troublesome as those presented by more common household pests, and they can be just as tough to get rid of. In fact, many homeowners particularly struggle to get rid of occasional house pests since they’re not as well-known as pests like ants and roaches. Here’s a closer look at five occasional house pests you may spot in your home one day.

4 Myths About Bed Bugs

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bedIn recent years, pest control companies all over the country have reported a rise in calls from customers about bed bugs. Once thought to have been mostly eradicated in the U.S. thanks to powerful pesticides, increased international travel and bans of some strong pesticides have helped to facilitate a comeback.

As the bed bug problem spreads, more and more households are at risk for developing an infestation. Take a look at some common myths about bed bugs.

3 Pest Problems That Can Be Caused by Flooding

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With natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding making headline news recently, you may be wondering what you can do to protect your home if your area is similarly affected.

One serious aftereffect of flooding that’s not often discussed is the pest problems that often occur in homes and other buildings. A flood can be damaging enough to your home. You don’t need the additional inconvenience and damage brought on by a pest infestation as well.

7 Home Care and Lifestyle Habits That Will Help Deter Pests

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There are so many household pests to consider, from mice to termites or earwigs. Sometimes, it might seem like you’re fighting a losing battle. You take steps to eradicate one type of pest, but then another one appears.

While each pest may be attracted to slightly different conditions, that does not necessarily mean you have to employ separate preventative measures for each pest. Often, it’s easier to focus on pest prevention as a whole.

Four Primary Pests to Watch Out for During the Summer Months

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antsPests like termites, earwigs, ants and wasps can invade your home at any time. However, each pest has its own season during which an infestation is most likely to arise. This fact is largely due to variations in breeding and nesting schedules between pest species. Summer is prime season for many pests, but four pests, in particular, tend to begin showing up in homes throughout the months of June, July, and August.

A good pest management program focuses on these four pests during the summer months.

Carpenter Ants: How They Differ From Regular Ants and When You Should Worry

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carpenter-antMost homeowners know the dangers of common pests like termites and mice, but there are many pests that can affect the structure and safety of your home. Carpenter ants pose just as serious a threat as termites, and many homeowners might not notice them because carpenter ants may look like other types of ants at first glance.

Nobody wants to have any kind of ant in the home, but carpenter ants are the most damaging. Here’s what you need to know about identifying carpenter ants, their behaviors, and signs of an infestation in your home. With the right pest control methods, your home can be safe and protected once again.

Worried About Termites? How to Detect an Infestation

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Termites do incredible damage to homes, but many homeowners don’t know they’re there until it’s too late. If you can catch termites right when they move in, you can get rid of them before they damage your home’s structure and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Learn the signs of termite infestation so you can nip the problem in the bud. Remember, if you aren’t sure if you have termites, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Call a professional pest control company immediately to perform an inspection.