Is a Spider in Your Home? Important Spider Information You Should Know

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What Kinds of Spiders are Found in Homes?

Of the 500 types of spiders you find in Illinois, only a handful enter homes to become pests. Most of the state’s spiders prefer to spend their lives in natural habitats including forests and fields. A few spiders in Illinois like to hang out around the outsides of homes and buildings.

Most of the spiders you find in your home are harmless. However, a few kinds of indoor spiders exist that sometimes bite humans. Here are some more facts about spiders in Chicago.

Simple Tips to Keep Pests Out of the Office

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How do I get rid of pests in my office?

Nuisance pests, including rodents, insects, and other small animals, can disrupt your workers’ productivity and create an unsanitary environment. Creating a pest management protocol for your office is the best way to control the destruction that rodents and insects can cause.

This will take a team effort, including the help of the staff and a pest control expert, to both get rid of existing pests and prevent new ones from making themselves at home.

5 Signs of Structural Termite Damage

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Spring is the season when termites in Illinois look for new spots to colonize. Subterranean and drywood are the main structural termite pest types in the Chicago area. Learn how to recognize termites and what the signs of a termite damage are.

8 Strange and Interesting Facts About Ants

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Ants love sugar, live in colonies, and tend to show up when you leave food on the counter. If you find ants in your home, then you should probably buy traps or call an exterminator. Ants can be quite the nuisance, but they are also interesting insects. Read on to discover eight strange and interesting facts about ants.

Beyond Structural Damage: How Common Household Pests Affect Your Health

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Many people worry about how pests will affect the structure of their home. For example, termites are concerning because they eat through wood, causing serious damage. Mice chew on wires, increasing the risk of house fires. Cockroaches also cause structural issues. However, structural problems are not the only reason why people should be concerned about home pests.

3 Crickets That Invade Homes

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Are crickets entering your home? If so, their habits can be destructive, annoying, and scary. There are many types of crickets, but only a few types of crickets enter homes. Here are three types of crickets you may encounter in your home as well as some advice on how to deal with these indoor pests.

How to Prevent Rodent-Related Structural Damage

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As a homeowner, you know that a mouse or rat infestation on your property can be a frustrating and even hazardous problem. However, you may not know how much impact that a rodent infestation can have on your home’s physical structure and safety.

In this blog, we discuss how a rodent infestation affects the structural soundness of your home, the steps you can take to prevent rodent infestations, and how to reduce the risk of structural damage from a current infestation.

Pill Bugs, Earwigs, Centipedes, and Other Occasional Household Pests

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earwigsThere are certain pests that prefer to live indoors, such as German cockroaches and bed bugs. There are others, however, that predominantly live outside and only invade a home when the conditions are right. Pests of this type are sometimes called occasional house pests or opportunistic house pests.

Occasional house pests present problems that are just as troublesome as those presented by more common household pests, and they can be just as tough to get rid of. In fact, many homeowners particularly struggle to get rid of occasional house pests since they’re not as well-known as pests like ants and roaches. Here’s a closer look at five occasional house pests you may spot in your home one day.

4 Myths About Bed Bugs

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bedIn recent years, pest control companies all over the country have reported a rise in calls from customers about bed bugs. Once thought to have been mostly eradicated in the U.S. thanks to powerful pesticides, increased international travel and bans of some strong pesticides have helped to facilitate a comeback.

As the bed bug problem spreads, more and more households are at risk for developing an infestation. Take a look at some common myths about bed bugs.