The Pest Control Experts You can Trust in Ashburn, IL

As a homeowner, you have to deal with the occasional uninvited pest. You may have to squash a spider or trap a mouse. And you might have to spray a few wasps now and again.

But when you have to kill a bug every few minutes, or if you can’t sleep at night because of the skittering noises you hear in the walls, don’t wait to give Chem-Wise a call. As your residential pest control experts near Ashburn, IL, we can quickly manage any insect, arachnid, or rodent that comes your way.

Say “Good-Bye” to Pests

At Chem-Wise, we understand that any number of pests can invade your property and infest your home. For this reason, we fully equip and train our crew to handle a variety of scenarios. Whether you need us to beat out bed bugs, eradicate earwigs, or crush cockroaches, you can count on us to quickly pinpoint the problem and recommend a reliable treatment method.

After we’ve eliminated your pests, we can also assess your home or office for weak points and give suggestions for preventing future infestations.

Say “Hello” to Our Crew

Since 1992, Chem-Wise has provided reliable residential and commercial pest control services throughout Ashburn, IL and the surrounding cities. If you’d like to schedule our services, fill out the form to the right or call 708.777.1910.