Expert Pest Management Solutions for Your Garfield Ridge, IL Home

Despite your best efforts, pests still sneak past your defenses and into your home. Hornets nest in the eaves of your roof. Mice burrow in the basement insulation. And silverfish lay eggs in your carpet. No matter how many traps you lay or sprays you use, the ants and spiders keep coming back.

If you want pests gone for good, call the professional team at Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management. We offer commercial and residential pest control services throughout Garfield Ridge, IL, and we can remove even the most persistent infestations.

Don’t Just Kill Pests—Prevent Them

At Chem-Wise, we have an in-depth knowledge of local pests and their behavior. With our equipment, we can effectively treat any number of uninvited insect or rodent, from bed bugs to millipedes and everything in between.

In addition to providing removal and treatment, we can help you prevent future infestations. Our experts can assess your property and pinpoint areas that would attract pests, and we can recommend multiple residential and commercial pest management solutions.

Ask About Our Tri-Annual Services

Although you can always opt for a single pest control service, don’t forget that you can schedule tri-annual services as well. When you hire our team to treat your property during spring, summer, and fall, you can rest assured that the beetles, pill bugs, earwigs, and crickets will leave you alone.

To learn more about our services in Garfield Ridge, IL, call us at 708.777.1910.