Pest Control Solutions for Your Home and Business in McKinley Park, IL

McKinley Park, IL residents have access to a variety of fun and exciting outdoor activities, from swimming and soccer to baseball and football. You and your children have seemingly endless opportunities to explore new hobbies and develop new skills.

But when you come home from your latest adventures, a few other guests may try to come home with you. Fleas, bed bugs, and ticks may hitch a ride and infest your property.

Rather than give pests a fighting chance, hire the experts at Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management. Our residential and commercial pest control services will keep your building free of beetles, clover mites, and cockroaches.

Stop Swatting and Start Calling

At Chem-Wise, we know that McKinley Park, IL residents see more than their fair share of mosquitoes and similar pests. To protect your family from painful bites and stings, we offer long-term control programs that keep these annoying bugs away. We’ll eliminate standing water on your property and give you advice on how to avoid other troublesome pests.

If you wish, we can also provide turf and tree care for a healthy, pest-free property. By controlling weed growth and properly prepping flower gardens, you won’t have to worry about an overabundance of ants, pill bugs, and wasps.

Enjoy Your Pest-Free Property

To schedule any of our residential pest management solutions, call us at 708.777.1910.