Pest Control Solutions for Your Wicker Park, IL Home

When it comes to pest management services for your Wicker Park, IL home or business, you likely want a solution that won’t create further problems for you or anyone else in the area. At the same time, you want a solution that gets the job done and thoroughly eradicates your pest problem.

At Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management Services, we take care of your pest problem without creating additional health hazards. Under the direction of an environmental biologist, we carefully create solutions that target pests without harming people, pets, and plants in the area.

Focused Treatments

Both residential pest control services and commercial pest control services require a high level of attention to keep you safe. At Chem-Wise, we accomplish this through focused treatments, meaning that we create a chemical compound that targets only specific pests.

We also focus our treatment areas to prevent any inconvenience to you and your family members or customers. Contact us for pest control services near Wicker Park, IL today.

Types of Pests We Control

Our team of experienced employees can help you identify which type of pest you’re dealing with to create a viable treatment plan. We offer solutions for the following types of pests:

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