Eliminate Bugs Once and For All with Pest Control in Chicago, IL

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Are you concerned about pests in your home? You’re not alone. Nearly 80% of homeowners in America have these same concerns. Your home should provide you with sanctuary from your worries. Yet when bugs and rodents invade, your home becomes anything but a refuge. For this reason, protecting your home from pests should become your top priority.

Most Common Pests

Ants invade U.S. homes more commonly than any other pest. In fact, they’re responsible for 49% of pest problems affecting homeowners. As a close second, spiders cause 43% of pest issues.

You may also have pest problems outside of your home. Many homeowners find that wasps cause a fair amount of problems around their yards. These flying, stinging pests cause 29% of pest problems for homeowners. However, homeowners have to deal with more than just insects. Mice typically cause 30% of pest concerns.

How Do You Eliminate Pests?

When you deal with pests, you can either try to eliminate them on your own, or you can rely on professionals to solve your problem. Keep in mind that of the 54% of homeowners who tried treating pest problems on their own, only two-thirds succeeded.

On the other hand, 51% of homeowners believe it takes a professional pest control services to resolve their pest problems. Additionally, 95% of homeowners say working with a company that guarantees its work really matters.

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