Tree Care & Flowerbed Services in Chicago, IL

Green Thumb Program for Flowerbeds

Chem-Wise offers a five step professional flowerbed management program. Our Greem Thumb flowerbed program will provide you with healthy, beautiful plants and flowers while minimizing the weed content of your flowerbeds. It also helps guarantee against harmful pest activity! This program is a safe and effective program for your flowerbeds. Pricing is based on the size of your flowerbeds. Call us today for your free estimate.

  1. Early Spring Our weed pre-emergent treatment is designed to minimize weed germination.
  1. Late Spring At this part of the program, we focus on fertilization and targeting weed control.
  1. Early Summer We continue to provide weed pre-emergent treatment, targeted weed control, and introduce insect pest management.
  1. Summer In addition to continued targeted weed control and insect pest management, we also provide disease control for your plants.
  1. Late Fall We prep your flowerbeds for the next growing season with fertilization and targeted weed control.

Green Thumb Program for Trees & Shrubs

Chem-Wise offers a four step professional tree and shrub management program. Our ‘Green Thumb Plus’ tree & shrub program will provide you with healthy & beautiful trees and shrubs. Deep root feeding is performed two times per year to promote proper growth and provide proper nutrients and minerals in order to optimize the aesthetic value of your landscape. Along with the fertilization, integrated pest management is incorporated into our program to minimize insect and disease activity. Insect and disease treatments will be performed as needed to prevent damage. This program protects your valuable trees and shrubs from diseases and pests. Pricing is based on the size and amount of trees on your lawn. Call us today for your free estimate.

  1. Early Spring We prepare your trees for the start of the growing season with deep root fertilization.
  1. Spring Our integrated pest management maintains the health of your trees through disease and insect control.
  1. Summer Another round of deep root fertilization with keep your trees supplied with the proper nutrients.
  1. Late Fall We protect your trees against wintering insects when they go dormant for the winter with dormant oil application.

Our licensed technicians are supported by a staff that makes customer satisfaction our #1 goal. If necessary, follow-up service calls will be done at no additional charge. Your service will be performed by a licensed, trained, full-time employee—not temporary, seasonal help.