Pest Control Services Residents of Glencoe and Winnetka Can Count On

If you own a home or business near Glencoe, IL, you’ve probably seen pavement ants around. While these insects don’t carry diseases and refrain from harming humans, their numbers are constantly increasing. In order to keep your area free of these and many other pests, consult with Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management today.

Residential and Commercial Pest Management Solutions

From mosquito abatement to lawn services, Chem-Wise wants you to have the safest and best in pest management. When you use our residential pest control services, you can know that you and your family are protected from any chemical effects.

Each of our customized treatments come with the approval of an environmental biologist at Valparaiso University. We also have a certified staff entomologist to oversee our pest removal processes.

With these professional opinions and skills in use, our pest applications and solutions remain minimally intrusive but effective.

Experienced Pest Services

Residents and businesses of Winnetka, IL and surrounding areas all benefit from our years of experience. We’ve been around since 1992 and will continue to provide high quality services like spider pest management at a reasonable price.

If you’re seeking a specific treatment or pest solution like mice and rat extermination, we can help. Let us solve your problem safely and with lasting results. Contact a location near you today.