Homeowners’ Tips for Chicago, IL Lawn Care

  1. The ideal mowing height is 2-3 inches.
    • Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at a single mowing
    • Sharpen your mower blades annually
  1. Remove grass clippings through mid-June.
    • Mowing twice per week may be necessary during peak growing seasons
    • Rake up excess clippings from the top of the lawn
  1. During periods of drought, water your lawn early in the morning.
    • Between 6-10:00 AM is the ideal time to water
    • Provide 1 inch of water per week
  1. Keep your lawn free of excess toys, dog droppings, and leaf litter.
    • Dog urine can cause lawn damage, it should be thoroughly watered and possibly seeded
    • Toys, leaves, and other items can hold moisture, which can result in insect or fungus problems
  1. Mow your lawn in a different pattern each time.
    • Avoid making sharp turns with your lawn mower
    • Never mow a wet lawn