Identify if the Asian Beetle is the Pest Invading Your Home in the Chicago, IL Area

asian beetles-f587009ebcAs a business owner or Illinois resident, you look for ways to improve your property. Perhaps you installed new landscape architecture; planted various types of flowers, trees, and bushes; or even added decorative accents, like stone benches, fountains, and lattices. But as you’ve worked to beautify the area around you, you may have forgotten about one minor complication: pests.

You look around and notice small, ladybug-like insects crawling across your foliage or tables. Do you know what kind of pest you see? Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Asian beetles so you can better preserve your landscape and building. Once you identify these critters, you can better look for Asian beetle pest control near your Berwyn, IL location.

How to Identify Them

Before you hire a pest control company for Asian beetle extermination near Chicago, IL, you must first identify the bug. This step allows you to hire a specialist for the appropriate services.

Harmonia axyridis, or the Asian beetle, seem like regular ladybugs. Like ladybugs, Asian beetles also sport multiple black spots across their top shell. In fact, these bugs have between zero and 22 spots on their backs.

Unlike ladybugs, however, Asian beetles appear in various colors, from rusty red or dull orange-brown to burnt yellow. These bugs average around 7mm in size, or about 1/3 of an inch.

You can also easily identify these beetles by the characteristic black “W” shape on their white heads. Depending on how you look at the beetle, the shape ma
y appear as an “M.”

Where You Find Them

Before you call for Asian beetle pest control in Berwyn, IL, you’ll want to know where these bugs reside. During warmer months, these insects live outdoors. However, to prepare for the winter, they move into your home or office building through small cracks and holes in your walls or windows.

How Asian Beetles Harm Your Home

Asian beetles are natives of eastern Asia, but they were introduced to North America to control the aphid population. Asian beetles don’t cause harm to your plants, and they certainly don’t compromise your building’s structural integrity.

Rather, these insects have become more of a nuisance to humans. If you squash or threaten Asian beetles, they emit a yellow, malodorous fluid. This defensive response protects the bugs in nature, but it stains clothing, furniture, walls, and other items in your home.

Safeguard Your Building from Asian Beetles

The next time you look around your property, watch out for these pests. Use the information above to identify them. If you do recognize them, call your local pest control specialist in Chicago, IL for Asian beetle extermination.