Protect your home with Boxelder Bug Pest Control in Chicago, IL

Although relatively harmless, Boxelder bugs can annoy and disturb you and your visitors. Instead, feel safe and comfortable with Boxelder bug pest control. Since Chicago, IL homes and businesses function best when they are pest-free, identifying and treating these insects is important to your family or clients.

Read on to learn more about Boxelder bug pest control in Chicago, IL.

What Are Boxelder Bugs?

boxelder-4e3123bf21Adult Boxelder bugs are small—about a half inch long. They have red or orange markings on their black bodies and wings that lay flat along their backs. Along the prothorax, they have three distinct red/orange markings.

The life and feeding cycle of these insects affects how they interact with your home or building. The bugs feed on Maple and Ash trees in the summer, and in mid-July they lay their eggs on Boxelder trees. Then in late summer, they begin looking for places to stay during winter when the temperature drops.

It’s during this overwintering period that infestation problems arise and homeowners need Boxelder bug pest control. Chicago, IL experiences cold winters, and these pests are anxious to get inside warm homes.

Why Do They Infest Homes?

When these bugs look for a place to stay during colder months, residential and commercial buildings offer the warmth they love.

Because of this, some homes are more susceptible to infestations. Buildings that receive a lot of sun generally attract more of these pests. Additionally, taller and more isolated buildings are a popular gathering place.

They make their way into buildings and settle into walls and attics. While homeowners may see a few individuals near windows, groups remain hidden, and they’ll stay inactive until the weather warms up.

What Threats Do They Pose?

Boxelder bugs present few threats to property, people, or pets since they don’t bite and rarely harm plants. They can, however, stain walls and fabrics with their droppings, and they have an unpleasant smell when crushed.

How Can You Resolve the Problem?

Treat a Boxelder infestation with professional pest control. You can work with experts like Chem-Wise for Boxelder bug pest control in Chicago, IL.

To prevent future issues, look for cracks in your windows, screens, vents, door seals, and roof. Siding is particularly difficult to protect against Boxelder infestations since there are many gaps throughout the construction. Instead, use pesticide and focus on entryways and areas where you’ve had past issues.

If you continue to struggle with pest control, contact our team to help identify and treat your infestation problems.