Identify and Eliminate Your Infestation of Clover Mites in Chicago, IL

Hundreds of pests could potentially infest you home: rats, spiders, silverfish, ticks, etc. It’s important to identify these pests so that you can take the appropriate steps to remove them.

One of the most common pests in the Chicago, IL area is the clover mite. The following information helps you identify these pests so you know when to call in a professional.

What Is a Clover Mite?

Resembling tiny spiders, clover mites are part of the arachnid family. To look at a clover mite with the naked eye, you may only see a reddish-brown spot. In the adult stage of their life, they grow no bigger than the size of a pin. But if you were to look closer, you’d see that these eight-legged creatures have elongated forelegs and a plate-like armor protecting their abdomen.

Clover mites are most active during the spring and fall seasons, as their bodies do not respond well to hot and cold weather. When active, a female clover mite can lay over 70 eggs. These eggs will remain dormant until the temperature falls between 40 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.Clover mite

Even though they may appear dangerous, these tiny pests will not harm you, your pets, or your home. But they will eat over 200 varieties of plants, which can damage your lawn, garden, and house plants.

How They Get into Your Home

You can find clover mites near freshly fertilized lawns, in plant feeders, and in gardens. They thrive in moist, damp environments. During their active times of the year, these tiny arachnids can enter your home through holes in your foundation, gaps in your siding, and cracks in your windows. They are most likely to get into your home if you have a grass adjacent to your foundation.

How to Treat Your Infestation of Clover Mites in Chicago, IL

The easiest way to prevent clover mites from entering your home is to remove grass and plant life within two feet of your home’s foundations. This will restrict the access they have to your home. You can install decorative gravel beds around your home’s exterior to create a barrier.

If you’ve taken the necessary precautions to protect your home and you still notice an infestation, contact the professionals at Chem-Wise for service prices. We can prevent, treat, and protect your Chicago, IL home from clover mites and other local pests.