Don’t let Fruit Flies Overwhelm Your Chicago, IL Home

Fruit flies might seem like an all-too-familiar guest in your home if you like fresh vegetables and fruits. These pesky insects don’t present any serious threat, but they can irritate you and your guests. To end this nuisance, schedule fruit fly pest control from Chicago, IL’s Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management. We’ll help you manage infestations when they get out of hand.

But before you call us for fruit fly pest control in Chicago, IL, learn about the insect first. We’ll tell you more about this small and pesky pest below.

What Leads to Fruit Flies?fruit fly-46077075c3

You can identify these insects by their size and color. They span about 3–4 millimeters and appear brownish tan with red or dark eyes.

Like their name indicates, fruit flies most commonly gather around ripe natural foods, especially vegetables and fruits. The yeast that decomposing organic materials produce attracts the flies, and they feed on this material and lay eggs in the food’s skin.

While fruit flies particularly like ripened bananas, they find food from many sources. They need standing water and organic material, so they often gather around places with these conditions. Potential feeding areas include:

  • Liquor, soda, and juice spills and bottles
  • Trash and recycling bins
  • Drains
  • Overwatered plants
  • Flower arrangements

You can find these pests in your home or building year-round, but populations tend to increase during summer and harvest.

How Can You Take Care of a Fruit Fly Infestation?

Fruit flies reproduce quickly and live up to 30 days, making it difficult to rid your space of them. However, you can hopefully reduce or eliminate the pests through several strategy. And, if nothing else, you can call a professional about fruit fly pest control for your Chicago, IL home.

First, throw out any food that attracts the bugs. Since produce skin sustains fruit fly larvae after eggs hatch, you should avoid consuming the food anyway. Place any new or fresh produce in the fridge.

Thoroughly clean surfaces with an all-purpose product. Wipe down counter and table tops and mop floors to clear up any spills. Clear drains of any resting food or other organic materials. Additionally, wash out trash and recycle bins since these might have leftover food or spills on them.

Finally, close doors and windows since more flies can enter this way. Remember that screens offer little protection since fruit flies are small enough to fit through the mesh.

Call Your Pest Control Experts

These approaches should help you with fruit fly pest control. Or Chicago, IL home and business owners can turn to Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management to eliminate these insects. Call us at 630.236.1600 to schedule service.