Pavement Ants Pest Removal Services in Chicago, IL

You want to spend quality time outdoors with your kids, so you make a picnic lunch, grab a blanket, and head out the front door. But as you walk down your front steps, you notice hundreds of ants wandering around a crack on your sidewalk. You suspect that eating outdoors will only make the problem worse. You cancel the picnic until you can arrange for pest removal of pavement ants in Chicago, IL.

Pavement Ants, a Common Pest

It probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that pavement ants are the most common ant variety in the United States. They live all around the country, but their numbers are particularly high in the Midwest.

If you’re considering calling for pavement ants pest removal near Chicago, IL, you may have encountered one of these main types:

  • Dark brown or black worker ants that are 2 to 4 mm long. These are very common.
  • Reproductive ants that are twice as large as workers and bear wings. This type emerges mainly during June and July for mating.

p antsPavement ants earned their common name because they often build nests in soil underneath paved surfaces. You’ll know you have an infestation if you notice mounds of dirt around driveway or sidewalk cracks. You’ll also see dozens of worker ants scurrying to and from this mound as they bring food to the colony. They might also enter your house through foundation cracks or other entrance points.

Why Pavement Ants Become a Problem

Pavement ants qualify as pests because they are numerous, not because they are dangerous. They have stingers, but they rarely sting or bite humans. In very few people, their venom causes a small allergic reaction.

However, you still want to act fast when you need pavement ants pest removal in the Chicago, IL area. These ants search around their nests for food sources, and may enter your house or office. When they find a reliable place to gather sugary or greasy foods, they’ll return again and again to forage. The longer you let ants live on your property, the more their numbers will grow, and the more of a nuisance they’ll become.

How Chem-Wise Eradicates Pavement Ants

Bring in the experts from Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management if you have an infestation of pavement ants. Our pest removal for Chicago, IL properties uses the minimal amount of ant bait necessary to eradicate these common pests. Call 630.236.1600 to learn more or to schedule service.