Identify Your Pest Before Scheduling Chicago, IL area Bee & Wasp Control

When you notice stinging insects in your yard, you probably feel concerned. Your children and your pets play nearby, and they may not have the understanding or foresight to stay away from these brightly colored insects. Your loved ones may even stumble upon a hive, which could have disastrous results.

Luckily, you can count on Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management for pest control in the Chicago, IL area. Bee control requires experience and protective gear, so let us take care of this potentially hazardous task for you. You should especially leave this task to us if you have wasps instead of bees.schedule-image

Tell Bees and Wasps Apart

Bees look fuzzy, docile, and peaceful as they buzz from blossom to blossom. However, wasps will not look the same. You can tell them apart using the following distinctions:

  • Appearance: These insects have slimmer, hairless bodies, and they have a much more pinched waist. Most of the wasps you’ll encounter will have the traditional yellow and black coloring, and they’ll have more black on their bodies than the typical bee. However, they can also come in straight black, metallic blue, or metallic green.
  • Colonization Patterns: Wasps can live in colonies or by themselves. When they do live in colonies, they’ll have smaller nests made of paper-like materials. Bees tend to have larger hives made from wax. Bees have larger hives because they can live in the same area for years. A single wasp colony only inhabits the same nest for a single year.
  • Diet: Wasps have a more varied diet than bees. While many still function as pollinators, some will kill and eat other insects.
  • Behavior: Wasps tend to behave more aggressively than their bee counterparts. They can sting multiple times, so they respond dangerously when they perceive a threat. And they may perceive even the most innocent, but ill-timed action as a threat.

Wasps can also prove dangerous to your property as well as your loved ones. They build their nests using wood that they chew from surfaces in your yard, such as trees, swing-sets, decks, and siding. Protect your home in the Chicago, IL area with bee control before these insects cause damage or injury.

Contact Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management

Don’t try to eradicate these insects on your own. We’ll not only remove them from your property, but we’ll also perform wasp proofing. This exterior treatment will keep wasps from building another nest on your home or other structures in your yard. Contact Chem-Wise for Chicago, IL area bee & wasp control.