Pest Prevention in Chicago

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It’s sad to say it, but winter is around the corner.  Anyone that had the pleasure of being in the Chicagoland area last winter is probably not looking forward to another long, cold, snowy winter.  Summer seemed to take forever to arrive and now it’s gone already.   I guess that is just how the story goes when you live in a four season state like we do.  The good news is that there are many things you can do as a homeowner that will help make living in your home this winter a little more tolerable no matter how cold it gets outside.  It’s one thing to wake up in the middle of the night cold, but it’s another to wake up cold and see a mouse scurry across your floor.  Below you will find tips that will help keep your home pest free and also might even save you money in the long run.

1.  Seal Up Entry Points.  This will not only make it tougher for pests to invade your home, but it will also prevent drafts and save you money on your gas and electric bills.  Repair any damaged screens or windows and make sure they are all properly caulked on the outside and the inside.  Apply weather stripping and/or door sweeps around all doors.  Use caulk to seal up any other holes or cracks you may have on the outside of your home.  Also, be sure to keep the garage door closed as much as possible.

2.  Clean Out Gutters.  Doing this will eliminate insects from nesting in your gutters and eventually invading your home.  It will also prevent a potential roof leak if water gets backed up on your roof from the gutters being clogged.

3.  Clean Up Yard & Relocate Firewood.  Leaves and brush should be picked up and properly disposed of (check with your local municipality for a brush/leaf pickup schedule).   Don’t forget to clean out your window wells also.  Ideally you should have window well covers installed.  Firewood and brush piles should be stored at least 2 ft away from your home.  In addition, try to avoid bringing firewood indoors until you are ready to burn it since many pests like to hang out in the wood piles.

4.  Eliminate Moisture.  Make sure you inspect your basement, crawlspace, bathrooms, kitchen, attic, and roof to be sure you do not have any water leaks or moisture content.  Not only will accumulation of water or moisture cause damage to your property it can also attract pests into your home.  To help eliminate dampness in a basement or crawlspace you can set up dehumidifiers to alleviate some of the moisture.  For any major leaks that you find, we recommend using a licensed contractor to make the necessary repairs.

5.  Remove Clutter.  Pests love cluttered conditions since there are so many places for them to hide.  Since wintertime can leave you stranded inside with nothing to do, why not go through your storage in your basement and garage and get rid of what you no longer need.  Doing this will help you be more organized and also eliminate potential hiding places for pests.

Hopefully you will find these tips useful and will enjoy a pest free winter.  If you do end up with any unwanted visitors inside your home be sure to give us a call and we will get a technician out to take care of the problem.  Stay warm and enjoy your winter!

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