Mice and Rodent Control in Rosemont, IL

Mice might seem cute, but if they find their way into your home, they’re an annoying—and dangerous—pest. If you need mice and rodent control in Rosemont, IL or Des Plaines, IL, Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management is your go-to company for effective, safe treatment.

We offer both commercial and residential pest control services to Rosemont and Des Plaines locals, and thanks to our 20 plus years of experience, we know exactly how to best deal with your pest problem. We can easily remove insects, bees, wasps, spiders, mice, rats, and other common Illinois pests from your property—and ensure they stay gone for good.

Long-Lasting, Safe Pest Control Services

If you think you could have a rodent infestation, don’t wait to get in touch with the experts. You don’t need to worry that we’ll harm your home while we work. We apply our pest control treatments in specific, precise areas. An environmental biologist approves all of our pest control methods and ensures they’re as safe as possible for you and the rest of the environment.

For thorough, cost-effective residential or commercial pest control services, get in touch with our company by submitting the form on the right-hand side of the page or by our calling one of our offices. We’ll work with you to make sure your pests are a problem of the past.