Chem-Wise Commercial & Residential Pest Management in Aurora, IL

When ants go marching one by one through the park, you may point them out to your children and encourage them to sing a classic song. But when ants go marching two by two through your kitchen, singing may be the last thing on your mind.

At Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management in Aurora, IL, we know that infestations can quickly get out of hand. Rather than head off that ant army with a can of bug spray, give our crew a call as soon as you spot the first scouts.

Don’t Let the Ants Come Marching In

Carpenter ants and similar insects can cause severe damage to your home or office. As bugs nibble their way through your woodwork, they may compromise your building’s structural integrity. And as they eat their way through your pantry, they may put you and your family at risk for a variety of health issues.

As part of our residential and commercial pest control services, we’ll thoroughly inspect your home and precisely spray chemical barriers to keep unwelcome guests out of your property. We’ll even recommend additional solutions and annual programs to prevent ants, beetles, roaches, and other bugs from returning.

Call Our Team to Combat Your Infestation

At Chem-Wise, you can count on us to tailor our services to your home in Aurora, IL, and we’ll adjust our treatments to fit the pest. To learn more about our residential pest management solutions, call us at 630.236.1600.