Commercial Pest Control in Chicago, Naperville, Aurora, and Rolling Meadow areas

Your break room is your office’s lunchtime sanctuary. Everyone takes a half-hour recess from their computers, grabs their lunches, and sits together to eat. Unfortunately, a colony of ants appear to have joined your daily lunch break and taken up residence in the break room.

Stop ants, other insects, and rodents from impacting your business with commercial pest management services in Chicago, IL. Ask Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management to treat your office today. Our experienced team of exterminators will address the source of infestation and apply eco-friendly insecticides.

Learn More About Pest Control Applications

Every one of our commercial pest control applications begins and ends with a thorough inspection of potential infestation sites at your office, restaurant, hotel, school, university, or commercial property. Many infestations form in your building’s cracks and crevices, meaning our team will need to first find where rodents and insects have entered the building.

Once we have located the infestation site, our commercial extermination team will plant rodent control placements and spray insecticides. Every chemical we use is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. After we’ve applied treatment, we’ll offer recommendation for preventative pest control and provide your office with a pest control management report.

Discover the Chem-Wise Difference

Our combination of non-chemical pest control methods—such as improvements in building structure and sanitation—and non-toxic chemical extermination sets us apart from conventional exterminators.

Our in-house environmental biologist creates all of our integrated pest management techniques, and a certified entomologist oversees every aspect of their application.

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After a quick visit from Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management technicians, your break room and your building will be free of ants, rodents, and other pests. Our team brings more than 15 years of commercial pest control services to your Chicago, IL business.

To schedule commercial pest control for your property, contact the office nearest your location at the numbers listed on our contact page. We’re happy to serve clients in Rolling Meadows, IL; Aurora, IL; Berwyn, IL; Chicago, IL; and all surrounding areas. You also can request a free quote online.