German Cockroach Pest Identification in Rolling Meadows, IL

Roaches. The word alone makes most people feel a shiver of disgust. But not all roaches are the same, nor do they behave in exactly the same way.

Take the German cockroach. Pest control services stay busy year round when German roaches are present. This type of roach is the most common worldwide, and it’s no stranger to Chicago, IL homes and businesses either.

But before you call your pest management specialists, take a few moments to learn more about this common pest.

Appearance and Behavior

german-cockroach-picture-de31c1ffa3If you open the cupboard door at night and see a small, brown roach dart out, chances are that you’ve seen a German cockroach. Pest control specialists further distinguish German cockroaches by their size (usually just under an inch) and their appearance (dark tan or sometimes black, with darker streaks from the underside of the head to just behind the wings’ base).

Likewise, young cockroaches, or nymphs, appear much smaller (usually no bigger than 3/8 inches), with darker brown or black coloring.

Unlike Asian cockroaches, German cockroaches cannot fly. Instead, they generally scuttle or glide quickly across surfaces. You’ll also notice them at night, not during the day. While Asian roaches come out in daylight, German cockroaches prefer the dark.

Hiding Places

German cockroaches are equal-opportunity pests. They can as easily infest a home in Rolling Meadows, IL as a business in Berwyn, IL. What attracts them? Basically, three things: dampness, warmth, and food.

Due to these motivators, Chicago area residents may find German cockroaches in the following areas:

  • Pipes and holes near pipes (particularly by sinks, garbage disposals, and dishwashers)
  • Cupboards and appliances (in pantry shelves, near the refrigerator, and by other food sources)
  • Heating sources (radiators, ovens, furnaces, and other warm areas)
  • Light fixtures (especially those that put out heat)
  • Books and papers (shelter and food sources)
  • Pet food containers (inside bags or pet bowls)
  • Paneling (above ceiling panels or behind walls)

Treatment Strategies

In some cases, home and business owners may reduce infestations by installing de-humidifiers near pipes and other damp areas. Roaches will die after two weeks if denied moisture. However, roaches can live up to a month without food.

For German cockroach extermination to work, your pest professionals combine environmentally safe strategies with your

For example, residents should make every effort to eliminate waste and clutter. Regularly clean cupboards and appliances. Seal off gaps next to pipes. By doing so, you can make professional treatments even more effective.

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