Identify Indian Meal Moths in Chicago, IL

6019indianmeal011604a-889fe04fe9If you’ve ever worried about pest infestation, you’re not alone. Most homeowners want to keep bugs, rodents, and other nuisances outside of their home. Part of keeping pests at bay is knowing how to identify them. Since each pest is different, knowing how to properly identify them lets you know how to effectively get rid of them.

There are many different types of pests to deal with in the Chicago, IL area. Indian Meal Moths are one of the more common. Outlined below is information that can help you identify this winged pest and take steps to get rid of them.

What is an Indian Meal Moth?

The Indian Meal Moths in the Chicago, IL area begin their lives as one of the hundreds of eggs laid by an adult female. Adults lay their eggs in or near a source of food, so when the egg hatches, the larva will have a nearby supply.

The larval stage usually lasts around two weeks and these larvae have either a yellow, pink, or green hue. These baby moths are not strong enough to eat through most packaging, so they look for other entry points into food packaging. Open and broken packaging is the most popular ingress for these tiny insects.

As adults, Indian Meal Moth have a wing span of nearly three-quarters of an inch and has a red-brown wing color. During the mature stage of life, these moths don’t eat, which limits their lifespan to around one month.

How do They Get into Your Home?

Indian Meal Moths usually sneak into your home on contaminated food. To prevent them from finding entry, thoroughly check the food products you buy. Avoid purchasing open packages or products with holes in the container.

How to Prevent the Spread of Infestation

If you notice a moth infestation, remove all contaminated food items. You will also need to temporarily move everything from the infested area. This will allow you to thoroughly clean the area.

After you have moved everything, clean the area deeply. Begin by vacuuming. This will remove food particles that may attract larvae and the eggs. Next, you will want to use a strong cleaning spray to remove any bacteria or other by-product of their existence. Repeat these steps two weeks after the initial cleaning.

If after two weeks you still have an infestation of Indian Meal Moths in your Chicago, IL home, contact the professionals at Chem-Wise for service prices.