Keep your home safe from Mice with Mice extermination services in Chicago, IL

No one wants to encounter a mouse in their home, but identifying the issue is key to solving it. Use the following information to see if it’s time for you to call about mice extermination services in Chicago, IL.

What Are Mice Characteristics?

Mice generally prefer to be outdoors, but they will come into homes to look for food, water, and warmth. Most people notice mice during the colder months, making the winter a popular time for mice extermination services. Chicago, IL homes and businesses are great places for these rodents to hide away during the chilly winter.slider-4

If mice find a warm, safe place, they will likely stay and quickly multiply inside. Larger colonies are more difficult to eliminate, so call early for mice extermination services in your Chicago, IL home or business.

How Can I Tell If I Have Mice?

Several signs indicate that you have a mouse in the house:

  • Droppings. These are about the size of a grain of rice with pointed ends. Mouse droppings generally have hair from grooming.
  • Footprints and tail markings. You might see these in your home, or you can sprinkle an even layer of flour or baby powder and look for markings.
  • Burrows. Check a burrow’s activity by placing a crumpled piece of newspaper in the entryway. See if it remains in the following days.
  • Sightings. Sightings typically occur in the evening, but mice can be seen during the day, especially if you disturb a hiding place.
  • Sounds. Listen for sounds in the walls or roof. Other insects could also be making the sound, so it’s best to look for additional signs.

What Causes Mice Problems?

Dirt and filth attract mice. As such, you should clean up food messes, including dishes, as soon as possible, and clear floors and countertops regularly. You’ll also want to store food in airtight containers.

Check for any entries into your home—mice can get through anything larger than the size of a pen cap. These pests will use holes and spaces in your foundation, walls, floors, roofs, and windows. They can also come in through gas lines, vents, and pipes.

What Threats Do Mice Pose?

Mice are more than a nuisance—they’re also dangerous. They can carry and transmit diseases like salmonella and hantavirus. They contaminate the surfaces and food they come in contact with and their droppings can release airborne toxins.

Because of their potential danger, it’s best to let professionals handle the extermination and removal process. Contact us if you suspect you have a mice problem or to learn more about our mice extermination services in Chicago, IL.