Pill Bug Removal in Chicago, IL

As a child, you may have played with pill bugs, or roly-poly bugs. You might have tapped lightly on their hard shells just to watch them curl up in a fun little ball.Pest I14-9968d3ae19

But as an adult, you might wonder about the damage they can do in large numbers. You notice them crawling in damp places around your home as well as near the doors and windows.

Should you call an expert for pill bug removal services in Chicago, IL?

The Problem with Pill Bugs

Before you panic, you should know that pill bugs do not bite or sting people like spiders. They do not deposit their eggs indoors like moths. Nor do they damage your home’s supporting beams and walls like termites.

In fact, pill bugs are not insects at all. Rather, they are land-dwelling crustaceans, making them a close relative to the shrimp and crayfish.

However, pill bugs often become a nuisance. They feed on decaying wood, and they are a good food source for other pests. If you spot lots of pill bugs in your home, it could mean that you have openings large enough to let in more troublesome pests.

Additionally, pill bugs can wreak havoc on a tender garden. In large numbers, they nibble away at tender plants, fine roots, and new seedlings. If you worry about your garden, you’ll want to call a pest control company that offers pill bug removal services in Chicago, IL.

How They Enter Your Home

Most of the time, pill bugs prefer to stay outdoors. Since pill bugs like moisture, you can often find them in decaying organic material, such as under logs in a woodpile, in potted plants, or near wet mulch and leaves.

However, they come inside when their usual environment becomes too wet or dry to sustain them, so you may need an expert who offers pill bug removal services in Chicago, IL.

In general, pill bugs come into your home via sliding glass doors and other ground-level entrances. They also come in through the garage and storage buildings where door seals and insulation are not nearly as tight. If they can’t find a safe, moist place to shelter them, they often die not far from your door.

How to Remove Them

If you notice large numbers of pill bugs in your yard or home, call us at 630.236.1600 for pill bug removal services in Chicago, IL. We’ll help you look for damp firewood, inefficient gutters, and other wet spaces that harbor these pests.