Identify and Remove Spiders with Spider Extermination in Chicago, IL

Pest I15-4360cf4e1eAbout 5% of people have arachnophobia, or an extreme fear of spiders. Most of the remaining 95% don’t like spiders, or at least don’t want them near their home or yard.

However, despite popular belief, most spiders aren’t poisonous. To determine which spiders actually pose a threat, use the guide below to identify some of the most common species found in Illinois. And if you’ve noticed spiders in your space, we offer safe spider removal services in Chicago, IL for your convenience.

Common Illinois Spiders

There are dozens of spider species in Illinois, including the following.

  1. Common House Spider

This spider is the most commonly seen by humans—and fortunately, the least likely to harm humans. It builds its web between loose walls or behind doors and windows. It is easily identified by its teardrop-shaped egg sac.

  1. Black and Yellow Garden Spider

Black and Yellow Garden spiders are often found in gardens, fields, and orchards. Females are large with a black-and-yellow pattern, but males are smaller and brown, with long legs.

  1. Longlegged Sac Spider

These pale spiders have long front legs and hunt at night. You may find them on your walls or ceilings.

  1. Carolina Wolf Spider

Also nighttime hunters, these long-legged gray-brown spiders grow up to 35 millimeters long. You may find them in your home during fall—their mating season.

  1. Southern Black Widow

One of the most feared spiders, the adult black widow female is black with a red belly (although the species appears striped and spotted when young). Despite its poisonous nature, it won’t likely bite.

  1. Brown Recluse

The brown recluse also carries poisonous venom, but is also unlikely to bite unless provoked. It usually appears light or medium brown. Unlike other spiders, it has three pairs of eyes.

How Spiders Enter Your Home

Spiders are attracted to the comfort of your home particularly in cold or rainy weather. They can enter your home through openings in doors and windows and cracks in walls. To prevent their entry, seal any openings or cracks. Also, avoid outdoor lighting, as this can attract bugs—which attracts spiders for a meal.

How to Control an Infestation

If you find many spiders in your home, call on Chem-Wise for safe, environmentally friendly spider removal services in Chicago, IL. We safely distribute chemicals to eliminate spiders. To ensure good practices, our services are overseen by an entomologist.

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