How to Tell If You Have Stink Bugs in the Chicago, IL, Area

If you think you may have a stink bug infestation in your home, don’t panic. Learn how to identify stink bugs and what to do if you have stink bugs as pests in your home in the Chicago, IL area.

What Do Stink Bugs Look Like?

stink-bug-pictureStink bugs are flat bugs about the size of a dime, half an inch long and nearly as wide. They’re easy to recognize because of their shield shape and flat body. The brown marmorated stink bug is mottled in color, which gives it an effective camouflage outside but makes it easy to spot in an otherwise clean home. The green stink bug is the same size and shape but is solid green in color.

Stink bugs invade homes when it’s time for hibernation, which means you may not see them crawling or flying around in your home. Check in cabinets, behind baseboards, and around windows.

Stink bugs are relatively harmless. They do not bite or sting, and they are not known to carry any diseases, though some humans may be sensitive to the odor. However, it is still unsettling to find an infestation of them in your home.

If you find stink bugs in your home, do not crush them. Crushing them releases the stinky smell, which attracts more bugs. Instead, call professionals for stink bug removal.

What Can We Do to Help?

Stink bugs are not generally affected by insecticides unless they are sprayed directly. While this will kill some bugs, others will just fly away.

Instead, the best way to treat an infestation is to thoroughly seal the home so no new bugs can enter, then spray, vacuum up, and dispose of the bugs in the house.

When you call Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management for stink bug removal in the Aurora, IL area, we’ll inspect your property to make sure we seal up every potential entry point before exterminating the bugs in your home.

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