Prices for Pest Control in Chicago, IL—Call Us Today!

TRI-Annual Service

Our Tri-Annual service is done three times per year; Spring, Summer, and Fall and guarantees you against mice and all general insects except fleas, termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs or wasps. You have a year round guarantee which means if you have any problems in-between any of our scheduled services we will come out at no additional charge.

  • Initial Service: $145.00/$215.00
  • Each Additional Service: $80.00

Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter Ants are treated both interior and exterior. Our interior treatment is done back in cracks, crevices and wall voids. We also will do an exterior treatment around the base of your house to prevent any other ants from getting into your house. This service comes with a 90 day guarantee

  • Single Service: $215.00

Mice Service

Our mice service consists of our technician doing an inspection  where we try to locate how they are getting into the house for you, they will also placed locked bait stations in key areas to help get rid of your current problem.  During your two week follow up we will close up any holes or let you know if there is something structurally we can not take care of for you. This service includes a 90 day guarantee.

  • Single Service: $145.00 (Includes two week follow up)

Bee & Wasp Preventative

For our whole house prevention we will treat under all the eves and peaks of your house, behind shutters, under decks, anywhere a bee or wasp is likely to build a nest. This service also includes treating and removing any current nests you have. This service includes a guarantee through the end of the calendar year.

  • One Nest: $95.00
  • Whole House Prevention: $195.00

Termite Inspections

  • Inspections for Real Estate transactions are available for $145.00.
  • If you suspect that you have termites and would like pricing information for a treatment, please call your local Chem-Wise office for a free inspection.

Flea Treatment

  • $145 for a full treatment for your home. Our flea treatments come with a 90 day guarantee.

Bed Bugs

  • Pricing varies depending on the size of your home.  Please call your local Chem-Wise office for a free price quote.